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Calmarc was founded as a privately owned company in 1981. The basic principle of Calmarc was to introduce water based technological products in place of solvent based products mainly for the building and construction industries. The products range has grown to cover areas from paints, sealers, associative products for cement mortars, toppings and concrete, floor covering adhesives to waterproofing, damp-proofing and specialty cleaning products for industrial use.


The products range has basically achieved our original concept while creating continued value for the customer. This has been, and is, achieved with skillful formulation and passion to be foremost and innovative.



Calmarc's product range covers many uses in the building and construction industries. Our products are designed to be used in either a neutral or coloured state in most circumstances.


Our waterproof membrane systems are water based and cope with continual ponded water and traffic. They are seamless and coloured to suit. Modern colour coordinated products for mortar and fine line tuck pointing for historical building restoration are used Australia wide. High strength with high coverage flooring adhesives make it easy and quick to adhere todays floor coverings with variable types of polymer undersides.


Calmarc's paint and sealer products are highly suitable for facing external environments in the coloured format for a variety of substrates. Our clear sealers impart excellent UV resistance leading to exceptional outdoor performance.


Our speciality acidic cleaners to remove iron stains from brickwork are unique and safe to use. Organic systems to inhibit rust on steel using anti-oxidant technology is very innovative. Safer Anti Graffiti, paint stripping and associated stain removal products are very effective especially our sacrificial anti graffiti protective coatings.


Our technical mission is a passion to continually improve, innovate and skilfully formulate using quality raw materials to supply contemporary products with security after use.



Calmarc has a wide client base amongst a variety of trades in the building industry. We serve architectural and industrial coating markets, floor covering installation, waterproofing for water containing structures, roof or walls, concrete repairs, mortar and brick restoration and cleaners for buildings and a variety of substrates. Our organisation is able to, does in some cases supply custom made products for niche markets or unusual circumstances.



Calmarc has the flexibility to design and manufacture a special need product on a one off or continuing basis and toll manufacture. Calmarc supplies products to other Australian states and has a production site in Sri Lanka which produces a selection of our product range for the Asian market.


Calmarc formulate and manufacture a full range of products for building construction and repair, which are sold throughout Australia and internationally.


Calmarc's range include products for:


  • Concrete toppings and bonding agents.


  • Floor, roof and walls coatings.


  • Waterproofing membranes.


  • Rust and corrosion treatments.


  • Paint and stain removal.


  • Anti-slip coatings.


  • Graffiti coatings.


  • Additives for concrete and cement product manufacture.


  • Restoration of mortar, tuckpointing, brick and stone.


Calmarc's technical development program monitors current products and researches new developments to make new products and continually improves existing products.